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متن پیام تشکر آقای اریک یونشر(از مدیران مرسدس بنزآلمان)

آقای اریک یونشر(از مدیران مرسدس بنزآلمان) پس از بازدید از مرکز علوم و ستاره شناسی تهران، متن ذیل را خطاب به مدیریت و پرسنل مرکز علوم ارسال کردند.

Dear Eng. Chizari

Having spent a visit to SACT on 18th October 2017 and studying the very interesting booklet I am astonished, excited and amazed by what has been achieved by you and your team in establishing this admirable Centre .

I sincerely hope this wonderful place will continue to be supported by the Tehran Municipality to honor the work that has and is being done to the benefit of schools, universities, students and the people of this country .

Thank you for the pleasure of having spent such an interesting and valuable time with you and your team.

With my best personal regards

E Jonscher
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